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★★★★★  powerful, provocative, hard-hitting, shocking … a sharply observed and at times wincingly true-to-life portrayal of a family and its disintegration … funny, infuriating and unbearably sad
Irish Examiner | READ full review here

★★★★ There have been audible gasps and stunned silences each night … collective moments like this are all too rare in modern theatre … this is raw, real and riveting drama that forces us to ask questions of ourselves long after leaving the theatre
The Times | READ full review here

★★★★ harrowing … uncompromising … impressive … this is a story that needs to be told again and again
Sunday Business Post | READ full review here

With a script by Meadhbh McHugh that is sharp and also very funny, Asking for It not only stays faithful to the novel, it goes further, raising it up to heaven and down to hell, too.  It is worth the hype.
Irish Independent | 
READ full review here

★★★★  striking productionexcellent cast … staggering dance sequence – fizzing with performed sexual confidence and aggression … unsettling and alarming
Irish Times | READ full review here

powerfully alienating in forcing us to confront what our society has become … wonderful ensemble cast
Sunday Independent | READ full review here

★★★★ magical sense of youthful exuberance … recreating a party atmosphere on stage is tough but Comyn and her set designer Paul O’Mahony succeed spectacularly
Sunday Times | READ full review here

★★★★★  Home truths on rape culture in an outstanding production … Annabelle Comyn’s riveting productionMeadhbh McHugh’s terrifically rigorous script
Musings in Intermissions | READ full review here

★★★★★  It’s hard to watch. It’s necessary to see … if witnessing Asking For It makes us return to the every day and work to change these attitudes in our families, in our local GAA or rugby clubs, in our legislation, attending this play will truly be a life-changing intervention for young people in the future
The Reviews Hub | READ full review here

★★★★★ deeply disturbing and emotionally powerful … supercharged production. Taken as a whole the play is a screaming indictment of the way women are turned into disposable sexual objects
Irish Mail on Sunday | READ full review here

★★★★ brave and ambitious … timely, thought provoking, with top class production and terrific performancesAsking for It delivers a powerful provocation for the times.
The Arts Review | READ full review here

This high-tech and highly beautiful production mines the book’s emotional depths for every last second of drama … totally absorbing theatrical experience.
Irish Independent | READ full review here